The MangoldVision Eye-Tracker – How You get Insigths You Never Thought About

Use the portable Eye Tracking lab from Mangold International and perform your Eye Tracking study professionally.

Explore the user’s impression while they are interacting with images, videos, web-pages, or while they play PC games, or use a specific application.

The product is stowed in a lightweight briefcase. That makes it very portable.

To create a project, simply Drag & Drop the stimuli of our choice onto the MangoldVision time line.

Use images, videos, internet pages, desktop applications, or simply capture the participants’ desktop during your tests.

At the start of each test, the Gaze Tracker needs to be calibrated individually for each participant.

People wearing glasses or lenses can also participate in your studies.

After the calibration process, the previously defined stimuli are shown to the test subject.

The MangoldVision Eye Tracking system captures the participants gaze.

The MangoldVision EyeTracking system can of course be used with children.

By using a distant viewing computer you can invite other stakeholders to see the test live.

Getting results is just as easy with the MangoldVision product.

Easily combine data from other projects with a few mouse clicks.

Besides filtering of data by arbitrary attributes is well practicable.

Create Gaze Plots, Heat Maps, Focus Maps or 3D visualizations with the push of a mouse button.

Just copy and paste those results into your documents and create impressive presentations.

Simply spotlight areas in the pictures or videos that you find particularly interesting and gain astonishing insights.

MangoldVision uses regions to automatically produce statistics.
For instance on gaze duration, frequencies of fixations or on gaze patterns.
Export those statistical data simply via copy and paste into your reports.

MangoldVision tells you what you’d otherwise never find out!

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